Sehgal Foundation, Guragon

We set up a toll free number over our mVoice solution for a Citizen Information Centre in Nuh, Mewat for Sehgal Foundation. People from over a 150 villages can call on the toll-free number and talk to people from Sehgal foundation in their regional language, Mewati. The application also allows the call to be forwarded to different people in Sehgal Foundation in case someone is unable to resolve the queries.

The mVoice solution also enables the staff to reach out to people by sending bulk recorded messages/sms to people from different villages across the district all with just a single click of a button. The whole mVoice solution is customised to workflow of Sehgal Foundation allowing them greater flexibility and freedom to work.

All the call analytics are recorded on the platform and with the help of this real time data Sehgal Foundation has been able to make timely interventions in e-Governance in the region.

Sehgal Foundation mVoice Solution
Real time Analytics generated on a dashboard.
Search module in the dashboard
Call statistics on the Dashboard.