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Management Information System for FPO’s

Very few livelihood based farmers and community owned institutions have achieved profitability and scale in the past. One of the most important sectors of India's developement is agriculture sector. It has a long value chain with limited benefits reaching at the farmer level. Along with that today it is considered a very risky and unprofitable venture and thus shifted the household priority from considering it as a primary source of livelihood to alternate source of livelihood. 

Government has recently pushed for a new initiative where farmer and other primary producers are mobilized into groups (Farmer Producer Organization) and their capacities are build collectively to work as a for profit company and compete with global markets. We strongly believe that it can be achieved by using an advanced yet simple Management Information System(MIS) that can keep all data centralized and produce business insights for the FPO to have a competitive edge in the market.

We are developing first cloud based comprehensive and customizable MIS tailored for your FPO. 

This product integrates a web-based portal, a mobile app, cloud Telephony, SMS, and Biometric devices to create an MIS that will allow FPO management/governors/promoter(s)/financer(s) to monitor FPO progress and impact, manage end-to-end operations and logistics, sales and expenditure tracking, Accounting and HR Management, Record and Book keeping, Company related information and Shareholder Information. 

New to FPO as a concept. 
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This Initiative is supported by Aadhar Netherlands.

 AADHAAR is a non-commercial / non-governmental organisation seeded in August 1997, which provides support for grass roots-level development in India.

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