CTO to Non-Profits

Our work has taken us to a lot of development sector organisations across India.

Following are a few quotable quotes that we have collected over the years.

“I want to use technology in my projects but don’t know how”, 
“There are lot of software vendors out there and I don’t have an in house person to evaluate them”, 
“Technology is costly”, 
“We need a customized solution”, 
“The software people don’t understand our domain, hence not able to capture our requirements fully”, 
“My staff spend lot of time in doing manual work which can be automated using technology but I don’t have time to appoint a dedicated resource to look into the possible solutions” 
“Our staff is not capable for managing an IT system, we need some hand-holding and initial training” 
“You always feel there should be a skilled technology person with whom you can address technology related problems/challenges and share your ideas for technical feasibility or new innovative ideas”

If the answer to any of these questions is yes and you are keen on leveraging technology in efficient management of organization resources, we would like to introduce you to our new initiative Chief Technology Officer to Non-Profits. A person with a keen interest in IT as well as social issues will be placed as an intern with your organization for a month. The broader objective is to build tech capabilities of the non profits.

Organizations that have used this service in the past:

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